While You Wait.

My next book isn’t ready. Yet. But, perhaps, like me, you need to distract yourself from things? Say, maybe world wide pandemics…?

I thought that my readers might enjoy something else to read while you wait for me to finish book two of my In The Writer’s Room series. If you are on the hunt for great romance books, but not necessarily looking for a free read (my last blog post covered some of those)… I feel ya! There is a lot of content out there to sift through, though. Sometimes that can be fun, but usually I just want some sure fire good reads, ones that have been vetted and reviewed. I mean, don’t you just want to feel comfortable buying them, and not wasting your time? 


So, just for you, my dear readers, I thought I would share some resources that I’ve found useful.

  1. Pinterest:  Here’s mine, but truthfully are some truly incredible people and boards on there that have made using Pinterest actually USEFUL: Steamy Romance Books (which has categories like “Bad Boys” and “Cowboy Romance”); and We Are Fiction’s board Funny Romance Novels are my two favorites!!!
  2. BuzzFeed: Here is their list of romantic reads, that you can “lose yourself in”…  this is a list of incredible romances, though not necessarily the typical romance novels. It includes Sarah Dessen’s “This Lullaby” and the absolute classic, William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride”. It’s a great starting place if your #TBR (to be read) stack dries up!
  3. “Clean” Romance: these are the ones you won’t feel shy about recommending outside of your immediate friend circle — or to your MIL — so as soon as you finish, you can unapologetically pass them along 😉
  4. The Romance Loving Liberian: a self described notorious book juggler, you can scroll this IG feed for spot on reviews and recommendations (even some on shows to binge watch!)
  5. CuddleMeBooks: The IG feed of book blogger Kaitlyn Boylan, this is a great source for reviews, teasers, and new release announcements (even some cover reveals!) for all kinds of romance books.

There are thousands and thousands of other places to find romance recs, but those are some great starts. Happy reading, and definitely share any of your favorites with me!

In love and laughter,


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