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Photographed in the Writer's Room

Starlet Brandi Tyler wants nothing more than to escape Hollywood when her big screen debut crashes at the box office. When a project for the photographer who launched her career comes up in Houston, she's ready to jump on the first plane outta town! Unfortunately, she missed the fine print where the accommodations come with the photographer's son, a grouchy-but-gorgeous best selling author... they both need privacy, but Michael and Brandi can't seem to stay away from each other. Can either one picture a future where they both get everything they want?


Hidden in the Writer's Room

When an LA accountant is cast as the snarky narrator for a new TV comedy, it's like a dream come true. One small hitch: Meghan has to keep her part hidden. Now, she's juggling a secret identity, avoiding the press, and hiding a crush on the lead writer of "Truth in Advertising”. If things go public, can on-screen laughter lead Meghan to real-life love?

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