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Hello dear readers, and welcome!

No matter how you found me, (Twitter or Instagram or just good luck) I’m so glad that  you’re here. Hopefully you’ve already read and enjoyed my first book, and are anxiously awaiting the next… If you haven't read Hidden in the Writer's Room,  then go get it! And, when you purchase the newly updated print addition from Amazon, you can add the ebook for just $0.99.

I'm excited to announce that the next one - with some very familiar characters - is coming soon. I feel like I've been saying that for an eternity, but I promise that I'm hard at work on it. With lessons learned, this book is getting the proper professional treatment before it goes into your waiting hands. I love you that much!

I hope you look around a bit (I occasionally even manage to post a blog or two), and definitely connect with me via email.

Your feedback is always welcome, and I love meeting you on social media! So, come find me, make reading recommendations (it’s always great to hear what you are reading), and don’t forget to leave a review of the book… that is better than a hug for an author.