Free (ebook) Love.

I may have mentioned in my About Me that read a lot. Like, I read a book a day. I read for escape, for research, for entertainment, for inspiration, for joy.

Admittedly, my book-a-day habit isn’t cheap. You may relate. 

As an author myself, I am mindful of both the cost to readers of books, and the reality that charging for them is how writers make our living. We simply can’t give it all away for free.

But. (Don’t you love a good “but”?)

Sometimes it makes sense for authors to offer their work for free — as a promotion, for a new writer to build an audience — I’ve done that — to tease the next story in a series, and many other reasons. Whatever the reason, when authors give out free samples, I love it even more than when Aunt Annie’s gives away free pretzel samples in the mall!

Since I also love YOU, my dear readers, I’ve collected a few different places where you, too, can get some high-quality, FREE reading.

Before I spill the tea, let me just encourage you to also subscribe to any newsletters that your favorite authors might create: those newsletters are often a treasure trove of exclusive free writing, and usually you’ll be the first to know about any new stuff coming out! Win/win!

  1. NoiseTrade – you may have heard of this platform for free music, BUT, this Nashville based distributor also delivers free books! You give away your email address (to the author!), and then you get free books. I’ve linked directly to the romance section, but they have loads of authors and genres to choose from.
  2. Pillow talk books – free downloads you can choose by author, sub genre and even by length… it’s pretty impressive! Plus, they’ve also put together amazing content: (this “best of” list for Historicals is pretty great) You don’t have to share your email with them to access the free content, but you can, and you’ll receive daily emails with NEW FREE BOOKS! One buyer beware: they also list heavily discounted books, not just free ones, so be aware you will be tempted to spend a little money. I do. Every single time.
  3. Amazon – mostly known in our house for next-day delivery of paper towels and legos, they also have a free romance ebooks section. The link is really just a custom search for “free ebooks” with “romance” as a filter, but I’ve shortcutted that for you. (You’re welcome.) It’s great if you just wanna browse and hope that something will pique your interest.

One last little hack: if you’re on Twitter, then check out the hashtags #FreeEbook and #FreeRomanceBooks, or if you prefer Instagram, then search #freeromancereads

Hope these are helpful, and happy reading! If you have other resources, suggestions or reading hacks, I’d love to hear about them – please be in touch!!

In love and laughter,


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