My #LoveLaughList

I try to stay active on Twitter, mostly engaging with other writers. And, for a while, I was pretty committed to posting every single day. 

Sometimes, though, I just have nothing much to say – or at least, I don’t want to tweet out my dinner menu or love of coffee again. So, I tried planning content to tweet about. One idea that I tried out was to find and post places where folks had already pulled together two of my favorite things: Love and Laughter! 

In doing that research for Twitter (if it can be called that!), I came across a few really cool sites and lists. (Also, I also read a lot of garbage… the Internet really can be a dumpster fire!) But, the greatest sites gave me fun new authors to try, awesome places to send readers to when they asked for things in my genre, and a few weeks of helpful tweets!!

While I gave up on the practice of daily Twitter posting (because: hard), I have included some tweet highlights from what became my #LoveLaughList. All together, in one spot, for you, my lovely readers, no dumpster fires here! As ever, you’re welcome. 

Even though I’m not actively researching for my #LoveLaughList, I’m always looking for more. Please, please drop a comment below if you already know of other places to look for love and laughter in books… I don’t know a soul who couldn’t use that right about now!

  1. Today’s #lovelaughlist comes from “Fiction Obsessed” – they host a Romance Novel Blog and this is their Top 50 Funny Romance Novels. (
  2. Want 5 “romance writers to make you laugh?” Here is today’s #lovelaughlist from @BNBuzz and they claim these will make you LOL in real life! (
  3. This time my #lovelaughlist we’re focusing on that illusive combo of “funny AND sexy”. How did @refinery29 do? (
  4. Another addition to my #lovelaughlist: “In Love with Laughter” from the Booklist Reader. (
  5. Today we focus on “Books with Witty Banter” for my #lovelaughlist. These came from Romance Rehab… How did they do? (
  6. From an avid fan of snark, high quality banter and the fun kind of bickering comes “Favorite Funny Romance Novels” today for #lovelaughlist. Anyone else familiar with PlanetJinxatron? (

In love and laughter,


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