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I’m on twitter quite a lot (@michelleleprice), and a topic that comes up between authors frequently is what songs we listen to while writing, while editing, or even while just reading. Here was one of my favorite recent discussions that had some legit great listening options: SpotifyPlaylistsForWriters

Anyway, it made me realize that maybe you, my precious readers, might be interested in what I listened to while I was busy creating Hidden in the Writer’s Room.

So, here is a partial list. (If you want an expanded version, or the actual Spotify playlist, just email me!). They’re all links to the songs with lyrics. Each song was selected from my two separate playlists titled “HITWR” and “Editing” that live on my phone. You’re welcome!

  1. Morning Song – The Avett Brothers
  2. Time – Jessica Campbell
  3. Step – Vampire Weekend
  4. Classy Girls – The Lumineers
  5. Tenuousness – Andrew Bird
  6. My Time – Wheeler Brothers
  7. Little Bit of Love – Katie Herzig
  8. Addicted to You – Avicii
  9. Back Seat Driver – Bear Hands
  10. You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift (Jeep beach scene, duh!)

Obviously, some are for tone, some are for lyrics, some are more about the mood and the flavor, and some just inspire me to sit still and keep going. Writing is hard.

If you have a song (or playlist!) that you love to listen to while reading, or better yet that reminded you of my book, I’d absolutely LOVE to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments. And, if you do, I’ll be sure to send a special gift your way as a thank you.

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