Choosy readers choose…

If you’re like me, your “to be read” list (#tbr) is so long you have no hope of getting to all of them in this lifetime. And, it’s not as if it really is just one list… there are audio books and ebooks and paperbacks and, of course the hardback copies. Just between us, though, we know those are really more for collecting than reading, right?

But, I’m guessing if you’re a real reader (and there is no way that you’ve found yourself here unless you qualify as a RealReader) than a mountainous TBR isn’t going to stop you from shopping for new books. Me, either!

So, how do you choose?

I personally have a few go-to strategies… beyond just strolling #bookstagram on IG and falling in love will a million quotes and immediately adding them all to my Amazon shopping cart.

First, I have two podcasts that I periodically listen to that are great for finding my next read.

  • The first is Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next, a literary matchmaking podcast hosted by the Modern Mrs Darcy herself. She’s smart, her recommendations are spot on, and I’ve found soooo many books that would have been tragic to have missed. She has sort of a formula with her guests where she has them name three books they love and one they didn’t, and she formulates recommendations of three books based on those preferences (and her brief podcast-y interview). Its really fun and chatty, and inevitably I fall in love with at least one of the books discussed.
  • And, the second podcast is called Smart Women Read Romance. This one is hosted by a niece  and aunt duo, Jessen Judice (who is also an author herself) and Juliette Crossthey. As the title suggests, they discuss books only in the romance genre, but they cover just about ever sub-genre. The two women are very funny, very relatable and they use super spice language! The podcast will have  a new season later this spring, but there are almost 200 past episodes to keep you occupied until then! If you’re new to bookish podcasts, I recommend starting at episode 156, where they discuss Lucy Score’s book… partly because I really liked that book (lol!), but it also gives a really great feel for their dynamic and preferences.

I also have a few Instagram accounts that I follow that offer frequent book reviews in genres that I’m interested in. They include @romancenoveladdictsanonomous  and @chicklitcafe. Obviously, these are super specific to my taste, but there are loads and loads out there in every genre and even in every trope with a subgenre. Oh! And, if you want to see some of my favorites, you can check out my bookshelf on Goodreads, or you can click through my “Read&Review” stories on IG. (As a reminder, while I’ll always try to rate a book, I will only highlight my reviews on books I was able to honestly give four or five stars.)

Obviously, book reviews aren’t the only way to find new books, but it can be really helpful. Amazon offers some titles in the “more like these” section and both Amazon and Goodreads will offer suggestions whenever you submit your own review of a book. (If that isn’t incentive enough to get you to submit even a very short review, then please read this!)

I’m sure there are lots of other ways to find great books. For my email friends, you know that I send out a monthly newsletter that offers loads of optional free books for you to try; I’ve found that “free” is kind of ideal for new authors or even new-to-you genres. If you’re not yet an email friend, then click here to change that. It’s pretty low risk – if you don’t love it, you haven’t really lost much, and hey, that still counts as progress on your TBR!

Let me know in the comments if you have other great suggestions for me and my fellow choosy bookworms!

In love and laughter,


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