Launch Day Thank You!

My second Writer’s Room book baby, Photographed in the Writer’s Room, was finally released into the wild on February 14, 2021, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day (because: OF COURSE it was! It’s a romcom). It was just as fun and exciting and cool as I had hoped!

I had sooooo many great folks who helped me have a successful launch that I thought it was time to do a little shout out.

On Twitter, ably headed by Rachel at Rach RandomResources who coordinated the entire blitz, there were LOTS and LOTS of bloggers who tweeted, retweeted, announced, celebrated and otherwise MADE SOME NOISE, including (but not limited to): Victoria Wilks, (her book reviews are available at VictoriaWilksWrites), Books Teacup and Reviews (her eclectic mix of book reviews and bookish posts available at BooksTeacupandReviews and she even included me in a spotlight) and Lu Reviews Books (who does contemporary and historic romance book reviews at LuReviewsBooks). Look at this fun highlight by Rosie Writes! Aren’t they all just the best!?! There were TONS of other folks and EVERY SINGLE ONE was helpful and meant the world to me. Even after launch day, Best Book Monkey also did some tweeting.

On Instagram, the incredible duo of Elle Houston and Mary Rook put together a month long writer’s challenge that ended up being the perfect support group and cheerleading crew during my February launch. I met so many new bloggers and writers, and I felt all the writer feels in the darling community they created within #SpreadTheLoveAuthorChallenge. So. Fun.

Elsewhere out on the web, there were some articles about me in advance of the release making the rounds (like this one or this from Yahoo! News).

In general, I couldn’t have been more excited… I actually sent my sister a picture of the email that I got from Amazon that announced my book as “one I might be interested in” based on my prior reads. HA!

So, in case you’re wondering, the joy doesn’t dull with each new release. This launch took longer than expected (if you read my last blog you knew that), but it was so worth it for me! I truly love how it turned out.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t yet, GO BUY IT on Amazon!! Its available for Kindle or in paperback.

In love and laughter,



  1. Yesha Soni on March 5, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you for mention!

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