It’s here. It’s finally here. Cover reveal and release date announcement!

Let me start by apologizing for two things: first, this has taken so much longer than I ever could have guessed to release, (between moving and a pandemic and honestly just unexpected delays, I never in a million years would have guessed that book two would take just shy of a million years to release); and second, I have absolutely NO CHILL about this book launch!! None.¬†I am so beyond excited that I can’t stop smiling, can’t stop talking about it, can’t stop posting about it: I am obnoxious! I am just so very happy to have this second book ready to go out into the world… onto your eReaders and into your actual real live hands. I am grinning from ear to ear!

Now, on to the exciting bits: the details! So, obviously, this is the front cover of my brand new book Photographed in the Writer’s Room, the second book in what is now the In the Writer’s Room series. GAH! Isn’t it dreamy?! I know it feels familiar if you’ve already read Hidden in the Writer’s Room, but it still makes me so. freaking. happy.

Just picture me as the heart-eyed emoji from now until February 14th… Because that is the official release date of both the ebook and the print edition. Could it be more perfect?! You’ll get you’re very own special Valentine’s Day treat to celebrate with… if you pre-order right now! Don’t you want to snuggle up in this sweet romcom the minute it’s out?!

Okay, that’s the biggest news, but there is one other fun thing: for a limited time, I am offering some special readers a chance to get their hands on the book early, and FOR FREE! If you are a fast reader, and you are reliable about writing honest reviews, I have a few advance reviewer copies (ARCs) available. All you have to do is fill out this form, and on February 3rd you’ll receive your free copy of the book in via email. The only catch is that your honest feedback is requested as soon as the book goes live on February 14th on Amazon. (You’re always allowed to leave feedback on an Amazon item, even if you didn’t buy it from them). Much like pre-orders, these early reviews are super helpful so that folks can find the book in searches, it helps with marketing, and BONUS, it helps other readers know what to expect!

So that’s it for announcements, but those felt PRETTY HUGE to me!!! I know I’m exhausted… getting this book baby over the finish line during the weirdest time globally has been a real challenge. BUT, I truly hope that you’ll think the effort was worth it, and that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing!!

In love and laughter,


** BONUS SPOILER ** You can definitely expect cameos from both Meghan and Ryder in this second book, along with at least one major announcement from them ūüėČ


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