Finding Great Books… And Laughing at Myself

If you read my last blog (it’s right here), then you know that I committed to posting reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon of all books that I’ve read. I think I meant ever, but then in my mind revised it to “recently”. Um, even that might have been hyper-ambitious.

I’m on Day 18 (just click on the Book Review highlights in my IG Profile to follow along), and it’s getting HARD. I mean, not because I haven’t read lots of books that I love and would love to review. But, just because it’s maybe a bit of a rabbit hole for me! Like, Saturday, I went to post a review of A Cold Dark Place and realized that I needed to read all the other books in this series, like immediately. Soooo…. there went my whole day!

I may need to adjust my own expectations going forward, and limit myself to just two or three book reviews a week. It may take longer to get through my #RecentlyRead stack, but I feel like my current #WIP deserves some attention, too.

ALSO!! Have I dished that I recently changed the name of my WIP, my next book in the In the Writer’s Room series?! OMG!! It’s now officially “Photographed in the Writer’s Room”!! I’m so excited!! (Can you tell by the exclamation points??) I should have the cover approved in ONE WEEK, and I’ll be sure to post it here and on all my socials. Whooot!!

Okay, back to the Read and Review topic… I’m tickled to report that nearly every single one of the authors has been appreciative and so responsive to the feedback from her great book. (I still feel like a heel for not doing it sooner.) What I discovered as soon as they send a text or message is that many of them already have a next book (or two or three!). And, that has really done a number on my #TRB stack. In the best possible way. It is now as long as my holiday shopping list.

Speaking of holidays… A couple of these winter stories were just so dear and funny and I got all warm and fuzzy. They got me right in the holiday spirit!

So, anyway, my lovelies, I thought I’d highlight a few of these great reads for you. In addition to a short story, I also included a one extra that I haven’t yet officially reviewed that I think you might LOVE if you enjoy laughing as much as I do! All of the book covers below are links to buy the books on Amazon. You’re welcome.

Happy reading, in love and laughter,


Book Cover - Welcome to Temptation

I’m almost not sure that I want to recommend it, because it’s a unique, quirky kind of romantic comedy (with quite a bit of naughty, as you can tell from the title). But, when a book makes me actually laugh out loud, I share.

Book Cover - Motherducking Magic

This was my first read by this author, but it definitely won’t be my last! (Love that she already teased the next book in the series). Our witch bounty hunter was easy to like, and I was hooked from the first page.

Book Cover - The Bridge

Adorable. That’s the word that comes to mind, but it totally undersells this sweet book… I adore the setting, and enjoyed the smart, self aware heroine. Not your normal angsty bits, just real growth, while still romantic and dear. Book 1 of 3!

Book Cover - Grounded in January

Very sweet story. Kate’s clumsiness is only eclipsed by Ox’s competence… they are a darling, oddball couple! The snowy back drop made for cozy winter reading.

Short Story Cover - Mr. Christmas

This short story was a fun kickoff to my holiday season. Quick pace, darling characters, enough drama to keep it interesting, and a sweet ending. Like a perfect gift in Christmas wrapping!


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