Are you new here?

So, the answer is, “Yes.”

Can I be honest? I’ve never, ever done a blog before. I mean, I feel like that is a right of passage, some kind of low bar hurdle that all authors should have done, right?

But, I haven’t. I’m totally new to this whole experiment.

I used to keep a journal. The old fashion, handwritten kind. Way back in high school I was even pretty manic about it, never missing a day. Angsting through every life moment in near real-time. And then, periodically in college I would revisit writing in one. Just the highlight reel; sometimes they were just bulleted lists. And then, “real life” happened.

So, when I decided to try writing a book, I dragged out my old journals and used those to start writing again. And I managed to write my whole first book that way. Long hand. It wasn’t in any kind of logical order. It left out major scenes. Parts of it were illegible. But, it was also familiar; in the same way my brainstem seems to know the lyrics to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, my hands knew how to pull the ideas out of my head and onto paper.¬† So what that you couldn’t cut and paste new sections into old ones, or move things around on the page or edit without lots of scribbly little arrows.

The whole point was to string thoughts together in a row such that someday they made a story people wanted to read. Ultimately, that became Hidden in The Writer’s Room.

But – this whole “Blogging” thing? That’s new to me.

I’m gonna do a little experimenting here. (For example, I’m pretty sure there was a way I could have linked to the actual song up there!) Maybe I’ll try seeing if this is a better use of my procrastination than, say, rearranging my sweaters again. ūüėČ

Hope you’ll join me in the journey. And certainly, if you have questions, leave them in the comments. I’m happy to answer, and you might just spark my very next blog post! If any of you have blogged before, share your experience… I’d love to know what you found useful, challenging, inspiring. All the things.


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